Thursday 16 February 2012

Enjoy a bit of rough...

After the Rejuvenation Plant and the Irrigation Station it's time for the next magical buildable on our homesteads, and this one is going to get you a bit of rough, and best of all, no Horseshoes! This is a homestead buildable.

Yes, it's been teased before but it's finally here, the Debris Generator!

Worry no more about the randomness of debris appearances as you collect your bundles of debris straight into your inventory on a daily basis!

With a pair of simple missions (all details HERE) the Debris Generator wont be too stressing on our homestead and you can start collecting from it even from the first build, although as you work through it's five stages the rewards keep getting better and better! (And the Generator starts looking prettier and prettier...)

Each stage gives you the chance of getting better debris. Stage 1 is wildflowers, stage 2 is rocks, stage 3 skulls, stage 4 cactus and stage 5 is thorns.

Each time you collect the daily bonus you'll get a chance at ALL the debris up to that point, so once you reach the final 5th stage you'll get four items from the five each day, helping stock up your inventory with debris before you know it!

These are the requirements for each of the stages, click the pictures to make them bigger!

So get building, and soon those "harvest so many cactus" or "harvest so many thorns" will be a walk in the debris strewn path!