Monday 6 February 2012

Nuthin' Like a Little Ranch Fillin'!

Lordy, you can't keep a good builder down and Hank is getting his groove on when it comes to building!

If the emporium wasn't enough Bess has now got her eye on buildin' up another big ol' combination building that'll store a whole heap of other buildings for her, the Ranch!

The Ranch, when built will do the job of 10 Farming buildings, Beehive, Thinking Tree, Potting Shed, Ice Shed, Grain Silo, Corral, Rodeo, Crop Crafting Nursery, 3F Animal Mastery and 3F Crop Mastery Nursery!

We'll get the usual popup guiding us to a series of missions (all details HERE) and a prompt to build the first stage of the Ranch. Unlike the Emporium this building has three stages which will each use the same 6 building supplies. Each stage will let you store more buildings.

Stage I & II

Stage III

Just like the Emporium you'll be able to collect from ALL buildings or each one individually and be able to do all different craftings and special options from the same kind of interface as we got used to!

AND! The ranch will also have it's own collection...

The Ranch Crate can contain some of the following: 1000 XP, 15 Energy, Frozen Chicken, Horse, Cream Cow, Persimmon Tree, Elderberry Tree, Tree Mastery Crate, Speedy Hands, Moose, 2x Unwither Crop, 2x Cow Ready Boost, 2x Peanut Ready Boost, 2x Super Rose, 2x Super Melon, 2x Granny Gut Punch, Dairy Cow, Triple Mastery 1Hr, White Oak Tree, Snowy Hemlock Tree,.

So it's time to start storin more buildings!