Thursday 28 February 2013

Faithful Friends

The life of a Pioneer was all about taming the land and becoming one with the animals around you (and building a Ferris Wheel, go figure.)

Well, we're going to be able to take that one step further thanks to Doc's new training regime for Animal Companions! They're a group of intelligent animals you can train to run off into the Frontier and find you special items that will help out in your day to day Frontiering!

As usual, things will start with a Popup...

That heralds the arrival of the five mission thread (all details HERE) and a build that is half building, half story, the Companions HQ (all details HERE).

So, what are these faithful companions going to do for us? Well, each mission in the thread we'll be training a new animal, and then we'll be able to send them out to collect items for us.

So, for starters here's Belle, the first of our trained animals, her speciality is finding energy boosts.

So we craft the right training aid (more on that later) and send her off to find energy which starts off a timer...

...and then when she's done she'll pop up and tell us what she's found!

In the end we'll have five helpful Animal Companions, all of whom have a different specialist item to search for.

Now, I mentioned crafting earlier, for each item we send them to we'll need to craft a specific training scent, you can see our full guide and explanation HERE.

In short each scent is made from the same wall post item and a drop that comes from the new Free Gift Crops, or Essence Labs.

Each Lab gives an Essence of a specific colour, or, we can also plant the COIN crop, the Basic Still, which has a lower potential drop rate and can drop any of the five colours. That one is in the market along with the Essence Labs and a couple new animals, one premium and mission reward, one coin.

We'll also get a brand new collection that will drop one of each type of gift Lab.

Now, onto next week...

This week Monday is going to be one of those quickie releases, a single wrapper for the Animal Companions thread where Doc finds a second use for his scents (details here HERE)

Yes, there's been some complaints about the smell emanating from the Cow Barn so Doc is going to get his perfumerers gloves on and invent Cow Allure! This lovely smelling perfume will do double duty as a perfume and a useable boost!

It's crafted using 6 Raw Essence (any Essence Lab or Basic Still), 9 Mixing Agents (Direct Request) and 10 Glass Tubes (Wall Post)

When completed the Cow Allure Boost will make ALL stored Cows ready to harvest again, so like a species specific Animal Ready Boost.

So, whether it's training them or making them smell nice... let's go have some mixing fun with Doc...

Monday 25 February 2013

Rideable Storage is HERE!

Yes folks, forget Christmas, It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's been asked for, pleaded for, begged for, weeped for. We've offered money, cakes, chocolate, agreeable members of our family and ladies of negotiable affection and finally, FINALLY we are getting a big ol' stable for our rideable animals!

As usual, all the goodies kick off with a popup.

That will start a series of five missions and a related wrapper... and be warned, as this is such a desired feature this won't be an easy ride! (All details HERE) We'll also see the four-step recurring build of the stable (all details HERE) and I must admit, it's a nice looking building and reassuringly small.

Now, the most important part, how will the Stable work... Well, it's basically the Show Pen, but for Rideables.

Once built you'll initially be able to house 8 horses, but the associated wrapper asks for two more upgrades, bringing it to 24. Each animal will be stored/fed and accessed individually...

Upgrades are endless and all work from the same set of items, for the full guide and info use our Building Guide.

As well as the Stable we're also going to see a new injured animal, the Pregnant Mare (sorta new anyway, anyone remember Ember?)

She'll be fed with 10 Pregnant Horse Chow, a wall request...

...and can give birth to one of three different foals, Speedy (Black one), Mellow (Red one) and Goldie (White One) that aren't rideable so go in the Animal Hospital.

The Horse Chow is buyable in the market for the flush of shoe along with the new free gift crop, Alfalfa.

So there we are! Now all that's left is to start on the most requested mission thread... well, probably ever!

Thursday 21 February 2013

SPOILER ALERT - Wedding movies

Here's a SPOILER ALERT, the animated movies from the start and end of the Worrisome Wedding thread.

 Obviously don't watch if you don't wan't to know the ending!


Gold Digger seeks Golddigger...

We know that when you visit Paris there's always a few things we always have to bring back with us.

A model of the Eiffel Tower for Uncle Frank, a bottle of perfume for Mum, a blond floozie with a poodle for yourself, a silk scarf for... Whoa, wait a sec, let's roll back one there...

Yep, Jack has got back from Paris with Goldie in tow and marriage on his mind.

As usual things kick off with a popup.

That will kick off a straight five mission thread (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE), the Wedding Gazebo.

The missions will guide us through Jack and Goldie's wedding preparations, and if you thought Fanny was a Bridezilla you ain't seen nothing yet...

It's not long before Bess finds a rather worrying letter hanging around (I can only think there's an Incriminating Evidence Fairy) that gives her reason to both smile and wonder if something MIGHT be going on... due to the letters ambiguous nature, of course... (is anyone on the Homestead sharper than a stick of celery?)

But, the question is can we stop Goldie before she gets away with all that precious metal?

As the mission goes on we'll see two new injured animals, one a straight heal, the snooty Poodle...

Which will be fixed up with twelve Dog Treats, each one crafted from 3 Soynut Butter (Soybeans) and 3 Dog Treat Cutters (Wall Post)

The other animal will be the Muddy Animal which needs 16 Cleanup Sprays, each made from 4 Lavender Water (Lavenders or Spring Flowers) and 3 Seltzer Bottles (Direct Request).

Once they're healed they can take one of four different forms and we'll need all four...

As well as those two items in the market we'll also see two new Free gift crops and two new animals which will be mission rewards...

And of course a collection that drops the items needed to heal the animals.

So, time to see if we can stop those wedding bells, and it'll take more than waving when the vicar asks if anyone has any reasons!

Thursday 14 February 2013

Purr-Fect Partners

[HEALTH WARNING: Please note, the sweetness levels of this post may cause problems for anyone with health issues. If you do have diabetes, consult a doctor before reading.]

Granny's discovered a liking for Catnip Tea and has been growing her own in her back garden so she doesn't have to deal with Hank's profit margins.

Of course, Catnip has a well known effect, one that's either a positive or a negative, depending on your point of view, it REALLY attracts cats.

So what does that mean? It means a new reason to join up with a neighbour!

As usual, it all kicks off with a popup.

That will set in motion six missions, a four mission main thread, a wrapper that appears part-way through and finally a sort of... connected mission next Tuesday (all mission details HERE). It also begins a three (yes, THREE, stage build, the Cuddly Kitten Corral (all building details HERE)

So, what will this build do? It'll start up the new Partnering Missions for Prize Kittens!

It will all be familiar to players, we start off with a selection of different kittens to choose from...

Those are then trained with Squeekies 34 times, an item made from three Fake Mice (Fancy Cattails, Corn or Cuddling Kittens) and two Catnip Oils (Wall Request).

Once fully fed you then need to "weigh" them, although in true saccharine style we'll be measuring the kitten on the amount of Cuddles... 334 and above and the cat becomes Purr-Fect...

It then takes on one of a number of styles in traditional partnering styles.

And can then be stored inside the Storage Pen if you have enough room and have completed all the missions.

Along with the cats we'll also see one new crop that's a free gift or premium buy...

And a new mission reward tree... a Tree of Cats. (There's definitely a feline theme going on here)

We'll also get a brand new boost, the Catnip Boost which gives you 15 minutes of 5 actions per click and double speed!

These boosts are mission rewards and come from the first of two collections, which both have some classy rewards!

The second of these collections comes from the extra little "uber-wrapper" that we'll be receiving next Tuesday... it seems one of the "kittens" is just a little bigger and more boisterous than the others...

Yep, completing this mission gets you a brand new Rideable Mount as your happy little Kitten becomes something just a tad bigger and scarier than your average Cat!

So cuddly cat or big cat, it's time to get stroking...