Thursday 14 February 2013

Purr-Fect Partners

[HEALTH WARNING: Please note, the sweetness levels of this post may cause problems for anyone with health issues. If you do have diabetes, consult a doctor before reading.]

Granny's discovered a liking for Catnip Tea and has been growing her own in her back garden so she doesn't have to deal with Hank's profit margins.

Of course, Catnip has a well known effect, one that's either a positive or a negative, depending on your point of view, it REALLY attracts cats.

So what does that mean? It means a new reason to join up with a neighbour!

As usual, it all kicks off with a popup.

That will set in motion six missions, a four mission main thread, a wrapper that appears part-way through and finally a sort of... connected mission next Tuesday (all mission details HERE). It also begins a three (yes, THREE, stage build, the Cuddly Kitten Corral (all building details HERE)

So, what will this build do? It'll start up the new Partnering Missions for Prize Kittens!

It will all be familiar to players, we start off with a selection of different kittens to choose from...

Those are then trained with Squeekies 34 times, an item made from three Fake Mice (Fancy Cattails, Corn or Cuddling Kittens) and two Catnip Oils (Wall Request).

Once fully fed you then need to "weigh" them, although in true saccharine style we'll be measuring the kitten on the amount of Cuddles... 334 and above and the cat becomes Purr-Fect...

It then takes on one of a number of styles in traditional partnering styles.

And can then be stored inside the Storage Pen if you have enough room and have completed all the missions.

Along with the cats we'll also see one new crop that's a free gift or premium buy...

And a new mission reward tree... a Tree of Cats. (There's definitely a feline theme going on here)

We'll also get a brand new boost, the Catnip Boost which gives you 15 minutes of 5 actions per click and double speed!

These boosts are mission rewards and come from the first of two collections, which both have some classy rewards!

The second of these collections comes from the extra little "uber-wrapper" that we'll be receiving next Tuesday... it seems one of the "kittens" is just a little bigger and more boisterous than the others...

Yep, completing this mission gets you a brand new Rideable Mount as your happy little Kitten becomes something just a tad bigger and scarier than your average Cat!

So cuddly cat or big cat, it's time to get stroking...