Monday 25 February 2013

Rideable Storage is HERE!

Yes folks, forget Christmas, It's the most wonderful time of the year!

It's been asked for, pleaded for, begged for, weeped for. We've offered money, cakes, chocolate, agreeable members of our family and ladies of negotiable affection and finally, FINALLY we are getting a big ol' stable for our rideable animals!

As usual, all the goodies kick off with a popup.

That will start a series of five missions and a related wrapper... and be warned, as this is such a desired feature this won't be an easy ride! (All details HERE) We'll also see the four-step recurring build of the stable (all details HERE) and I must admit, it's a nice looking building and reassuringly small.

Now, the most important part, how will the Stable work... Well, it's basically the Show Pen, but for Rideables.

Once built you'll initially be able to house 8 horses, but the associated wrapper asks for two more upgrades, bringing it to 24. Each animal will be stored/fed and accessed individually...

Upgrades are endless and all work from the same set of items, for the full guide and info use our Building Guide.

As well as the Stable we're also going to see a new injured animal, the Pregnant Mare (sorta new anyway, anyone remember Ember?)

She'll be fed with 10 Pregnant Horse Chow, a wall request...

...and can give birth to one of three different foals, Speedy (Black one), Mellow (Red one) and Goldie (White One) that aren't rideable so go in the Animal Hospital.

The Horse Chow is buyable in the market for the flush of shoe along with the new free gift crop, Alfalfa.

So there we are! Now all that's left is to start on the most requested mission thread... well, probably ever!