Wednesday 6 February 2013

Love Notes

Valentines is coming up and there's nothing better than giving the person you love a letter to tell them how you feel, well, what about giving them one with something extra sweet attached!

Bert has come up with something that will streamline the process but still give you all the interaction you need with his patented Candy Heart Press.

As usual, everything will kick off with a popup.

This will start off a series of five missions and a wrapper (All details HERE) and a four step build, the Candy Heart Press (All building details HERE)

First up you pick your base poem...

Then you add in Candy Heart words that are crafted inside the Candy Heart Press (there are LOTS of words! See all crafting details HERE)

...and once that is done, you can send that letter to a friend!

Along with the new Press we'll also see two new crops that are free gifts or in the market....

...a new collection that gives them as a reward...

...and a few little Valentine decorations in the market that we'll get as mission rewards!

So let's get sharing our love!