Friday 16 March 2012

Share your Frontier!

We're always trying to find new things for our members and this one came about from a conversation between admins about how we don't get to see other folks Prospect Falls lands... and a lighbulb popped up!

These are open to ALL our members and give you the option of having your own public folder of Frontierville/Pioneer Trail pictures! You can link to them, embed them, even (I'm quite excited about this bit) send your images as E-Cards to folks via email!

This will be your own little area to upload and share your shorts from the Frontier and, because we're all nosey at heart, explore everyone else's images as well!

So, what do you need to do to take part? Well, bear in mind this is a new feature so may be a little "playful" to begin with but try following these steps to get started.


Obviously the first thing you need to do is register, I'm afraid you will need to sign up.

1) Click Register

2) Agree to the non-invasive member agreement

3) Fill out the form, choose any username you want, it doesn't have to be your Facebook ID.
[Please note, ALL passwords are encrypted and even the admins cant see them,
your privacy is important to us.]

4) You'll find yourself in the forums (more on that later) so just click "Photo Galleries" to go to the Galleries!

Creating Your Album

Everyone will have their own personal album in the galleries, so lets talk you through how to make your own little room in the big gallery!

1) Click Upload File

2) An error message will appear asking you to create an album. Click the link to create/edit albums.

3) Click the Category and choose *My Gallery*

4) Click new album in the bottom right and name your album, please use something personal, your name, FB name, a nickname etc instead of something generic.

5) Once that's done, click the little upload button by your album name to start putting up piccies!

Uploading An Image

Note: Once your album is created the "upload file" button will lead here.

1) Select your Album from the drop down menu, and click "Browse"

2) This will open a normal Windows file browser. Select your image and click Open.

3) Your image will automatically upload! Click Continue to... well, continue.

4) The next screen will let you add a title, caption and keywords to your photo.

5) It'll then be found by clicking the albums screen at the top! Ta-da!!

6) Click your album and there's your shot, ready to explore and share!

Sending An E-Card

One of the most fun aspects of this is the chance to send a little ecard to your friends via email! (We've kept branding to a minimum!)

1) Click the little envelope icon at the top right.

2) Fill in the details and click send, it's as easy as that!
[Again, NO details such as the email address or message are saved and available to the admins.]

So there we go, all the ins and outs of the new galleries, we hope you join up and we hope you enjoy them! and questions we'll be happy to answer them on the fanpage :)