Monday 9 April 2012

Goodies From Afar

Are your homesteaders looking jealously at all the new animals, crops and trees in Prospect Falls? Well, when there's a niche to be had you can be sure a good ol' Frontier Trader will spot it and fill it and that's just what Trader Bert has decided to do!

He's looking to start up an import business bringing in some of the best items from Prospect Falls and offering them to you for your homestead, in the brand new Bert's Imports building.

It'll all starts with all the normal popup...

Which kicks off a series of 5 missions (all details on the missions are HERE).

The building will have four stages, although crafting requirements are fairly small compared to recent buildings, to see all the building requirements click HERE.

Once fully built the Importing Company will have a wide selection of Prospect Falls items, most available for coins and all tendable with your homestead energy! We'll also see a new crop, Zuccinis, one new animal, Caribou, and two new trees, Star Fruit and Fig!

The Caribou is also giftable from the free gifts page...

Finally, for the collection freaks among you, not one, not two but THREE new collections!

So get your import business up and running today!