Friday 13 April 2012

Little Crow's Final Lessons

It's time to reward Little Crow's enthusiasm with her final few lessons, making her a fully fledged Cowgirl!

In a series of missions we'll teach the young Native American all the tricks and knowledge she'll need to learn to keep those steers in check and to put her on the path of growing up to be just like Bess.

It'll all start off with Bess dropping you a letter saying she reckons the young'un is ready for the tough stuff.

This will start up a series of 10 daily released missions (all details HERE) that are very much centred on doing things around out homestead.

These will open up about 24 hours away from each other and will individually reward coins, XP and Cowgirl Spurs, along with the now traditional 2 extra rewards, for completing the first 5 missions, then all 10.

For 5 missions we'll get to unlock the new prickly pear crop and then at 10 missions the Elegant Mare rideable Pony.

The Cowgirl Spurs will be entries to a sweepstakes contest for a top prize of $2'500 dollars and some runners up prizes.

Unfortunately due to the sweepstakes aspect there will be three overview missions (details HERE) to complete as well.

But the good news is we'll see three new market items, two crops and a new tree...

And three items on the free gift page. One mission item, one new crop and one new tree.

So get your training boots on and get a-cracking teaching little crow to be a true Cowgirl!