Thursday 19 April 2012

Stately Storage

You know what... I'm far too excited to leave you waiting for very long, the best part of this story just can NOT be waited on...

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with the Stately Estate... the latest building storage building that will, among others, store out of site... the Detective Office!

Yes folks, Finkerton's Big Green Carbuncle is one of the new buildings to slot inside the Stately Estate building which will all start off with the now traditional popup.

That will start a nice gentle three mission thread (all details are HERE) which will include placing and building the four stage Stately Estate (All building details are HERE).

Once fully built the Estate will hold The Flower Shop, Family Park (Baby Shower), School House, Pioneer Pavilion, Holiday Workshop, Jackalope Lodge, Chapel, Saloon, Birch Still and the aforementioned Detective Agency! 

One thing to note is Finkerton does not go indoors, he will be near the Estate or in the middle of your homestead.

During the missions we'll also be introduced to a new crop, Wine Berries (Woohoo, time to get the drinks in! Red or white everyone?) and a new animal, the Pearly Cow (yes, it's a cream cow with a necklace but if you don't say anything, we won't).

And finally, a brand new collection to be had!

So let's get building for even more homestead room!