Thursday 3 May 2012

Sweet Treats for the Frontier

After getting a taste of the sweet life with the Brick Oven and Fanny's cupcakes it's time to take a step up in the baking world.

Your spouse wants to have their own things to do around the homestead and loves getting their hands in the batter so are going to open up their very own Dream Bakery, where you'll be able to craft your own energy food.

The building is a little like the Barter Depot, but everything here is scaled back a fair bit, but more on that as we go! It starts with the usual popup to place a building... the Barter Depot you can actually have THREE Bakeries if you want, but unlike the Barter Depot you'll only have to have ONE to complete the missions, the other two are for those folks who fancy cooking a little faster.

Also in a big jump in style, not only from the Barter Building but ALL recent buildings this one is old school, 5 each of 6 building materials.

I know, you're all thinking "so that's stage one" but no! Five each of six materials and it's up, like the good old days.

So, what do we get when it's up? Well, we get a 6 mission thread (all details HERE) and we get seven foodie items to craft as we work through those missions (items will unlock as you go, you wont be able to craft in advance), some of which are used for future items, some of which give energy! Specifically...

Cowpoke Cookie – 5 energy
Maypole Donut – 10 Energy
Cherry Creamcake – 25 Energy
Huckleberry Pie – 75 Energy


And we all know there's always new stuff, so yes, there's the new crop HS/Gift...

...and a collection! (Which grants three HS-cost Cream Cows!)

So aprons on and butter that baking tray... It's cooking time!