Monday 14 May 2012

Gone Fishin'

Time to get the rods out, go digging for bait and fill up your flash of tea, it's time to go fishing!

You've been digging around the homestead and found your old fishing hole from when you were a kid! You spent many a day sat on it's banks with your homemade rod and bait catching all kinds of special fish, and now it's time to pass that on to your own kids!

By clearing out the Fishing hole and taking trips there you can catch all different kinds of fish that can me traded in for boosts, including a new boost folks will love!

So, first off you need to place the Fishing Hole, which will be all dried up. That's one of the initial tasks in the first of five missions in this thread (all details HERE) which will have you clearing the hole out, moving a beaver dam that's blocking the water and making everyone, you and the beavers very happy!

As you work through the missions you'll be given three builds, each will make your fishing hole bigger and let you catch all brand new fish (all details HERE).

So, what will you need to do to fish?

Well, you'll need bait which is crafted from hooks (which are requested) and Wriggly worms.

(There are limits to these items, 18 hooks, 20 worms and 30 bait)

The worms are found collecting from the pond and from both of the new crops, one coin purchase and one Horseshoe/Free Gift.

You then use that bait on the pond to fish, and catch one of four different fish depending on what level your Fishing Hole is and those fish will be collection items... First up, without any upgrades is the guppy, which gives 20 Bait...

The next stage lets you catch Carp, which gives a Golden Carp decoration...

The second stage unlocks Trout, which gives a Stout Trout boost which give 80 energy points...

And finally completing all three stages will let you catch Salmon which give the Aged Salmon boost that INSTANTLY makes an animal an adult, no matter what the initial stage! (c'mon, that one sounds good, doesn't it!)

Oh, and did I mention the clown fish...? ;)

So fish away, finish those collections and start collecting those boosts!