Monday 7 May 2012

Mae Day Mysteries

They say a good Sheriff can find crime wherever they go and it seems that's no less true on the homestead!

It seems Sheriff Mae has arrived just in time as things seem to be taking a turn for the criminal and we'll need her (and you of course as a deputy) to get to the bottom of the mysteries, find the culprits and eventually track down that dastardly Gratchett Gang, Amy Steele and Mae's own ex-fiance Birdie.

A popup will announce the arrival of Mae and start of a series of TEN missions (all details HERE) that cover four mysteries on the homestead. (unlike other 10 mission items these are NOT daily missions and have no repeating.)

These mysteries run one after the other and have four separate storylines.

You'll need to track down clues, find hints around the homestead and work your detecting talents.

Depending on the clue you'll also need to craft certain detecting items. For Horse Tracks you need a Spyglass, for Footprints some Plaster casting kits and for Torn Fabric, a Hand Lens. Each clue only takes ONE of the items to clear and they're fairly simple builds:

In all you'll need 12 Spyglasses, 8 Plaster of Paris and 7 Hand Lens across the missions (see crafting totals HERE)

As well as each standard mission reward we'll also get a special reward for completing each mystery...

 ...and something new... unlockable collections. As we work through mysteries we'll open up a brand new collections with some great rewards:

Start Mission 2 to get the Wayward Rocket Collection, these will drop from Apple Trees and give a Horse as a reward.

Start Mission Seven to get the Bungling Botanist Collection. This drops from Broccoli and gives a Homestead wide unwither boost.

And finally, starting Mission Ten will unlock the Hidden Hideout Collection. This drops from Corn and gives a Building Ready Boost (Red Eye)

And finally after the third mission we'll unlock a new variation of the Fast Hands Boost in the market...

So get ready for some good old fashioned detective work... but remember, this aint the end... Once we find the Hidden Hideout we'll still need to deal with the bandits and mend Mae's broken heart... but that's for the future!