Thursday 31 May 2012

Iiiiiiit's CAKE time!

Yes folks, it's time to get out the bunting and celebrate the Second Anniversary of Frontierville/Pioneer Trail! (Yes, it's entering the Terrible Twos...)

We're going to be celebrating the Event with a big Homestead Carnival, a HUGE amount of discounts in the market and a series of missions with some cracking rewards.

So let's put the cake in the oven, fire off some party poppers and see what's coming...

It'll all kick off with the oldie but a goodie, the popup.

Once that appears you'll see the maternity area has gone from the left hand side of the homestead to be replaced by the Anniversary Park, where we'll be holding our Carnival.

It'll also kick off a series of four missions (all details HERE) which will see us through building some floats (all details HERE) and have some immense rewards coming from them, cakes, a horse, some special trees and, drumroll please....

...a voucher to increase your Orchard by 25%! Yes, the voucher will be used to build another expansion, above and beyond the normal ones to your orchard, capping the max at 1'250 for now.

We'll also see a big Anniversary Market, which contains the biggest sale we've ever seen in the game. FORTY-THREE premium items, now either a single Horseshoe apiece or switched to just costing coins. You can see all the info and the savings in our dedicated Market post.

And finally we'll see a new free gift item that will drop things needed during the missions, Festive Balloons!

And some new special items:

So let's get celebrating :D