Thursday 31 May 2012

The Anniversary Market!

Part of the 2nd Anniversary Celebrations is a Super Sale Market... with real "fell of the back of a lorry" level of discounts.

It's a collection of Premium items, either things currently available for Horseshoes or things that have been special Horseshoe rewards at one time or another and have now been brought back.

However, NOW all these items are either one single HS, or, even better, available for COINS! (Including the Jungle Gym, now cheaper by 249HS!)

So let's take a look at all the sale items, we've included underneath the original prices.

Previous Prices:

Jungle Gym: 250HS
Huge Silver Font: 40HS
Fishin Hole: 20HS
Gazebo 25HS

Previous Prices:

Grape Arbor: 25HS
Loverly Topiary: 30HS

Previous Prices:

Large Pond: 4HS
Huge Gold Font: 60HS
Large Tent 30HS

Previous Prices:

Soot Sheep: 20HS
Pink Alpaca: 50HS

Previous Prices:

Loverly Butterflies: 30HS
All other animals: 50HS