Monday 4 June 2012

Birdie in the Dock!

[Please note: there's no spoilers in here, I think it's more fun to get the story as you go along.]

The time has come the gavel is dropping and Birdie is about to find himself on Trial!

This is the personal one for Sheriff Mae as she's bringing down judgements on her ex-boyfriend and the man who stole her heart, then her ring, then her future! *insert dramatic music*

Of course, as such an upstanding pillar of the community, it's up to you to help sort out the truth from the lies and get to the bottom of this singing Birdie's story...

As usual, we'll be greeted with a popup...

Then we'll start off a five mission thread (all details HERE), and be asked to place the Courthouse (other women collect shoes or handbags, Mae collects buildings).

Now, the Courthouse is a three stage building, but a classic style one, no multi-builds with crafting and different materials, just six materials, three wall post and three direct request, in gradually increasing increments.

[Note: There are limits of 20 on each item in the inventory.]

We'll see the return of clues during the missions, including a new one, a stashbox. These are dug out of the ground or can be bought from the market.

And finally there's a collection to be had from the Courthouse, with a decorative reward.

So, let's take a relaxed attitude to recusing anyone with a personal interest and help Mae get her man!