Monday 11 June 2012

Make a Wish

It's finally time to find out the last item Marco and Polo think you'll need to make your homestead worthy of being added to the Frontier Maps.

After the Town Hall and the Clocktower this final building is a touch more decorative, a new Wishing Fountain!

But this certainly isn't just a pretty face, by popping coins into the Wishing Fountain you can get building supplies for unfinished buildings!

So, the basics first, starting off the Fountain will kick off a four mission thread (all details HERE) and the three stage build for the Fountain itself (all details HERE).

Once stage one is completed you can start wishing. At stage 1 you can wish every two days, stage 2 increases that to every day, and stage 3 allows you to ask every 12 hours.

You wish by using a craftable Town Coin, with requires two Brass Sheets which drop from Brass Forges and 2 Coin Presses which can drop from Rail Crates and some daily bonuses.

During the missions we'll also be introduced to a new "tree", fresh grass, which is a free gift and can be placed and can then be harvested over and over.

Also most crafted items during the missions become placeable decorations on the homestead.

We'll also be seeing two new collections, one for the Grass, one for the Fountain.

So get the Fountain down and start planning your wishes.