Thursday 7 June 2012

In the VIP...

Zynga are introducing a new feature to Frontierville/Pioneer Trail, the VIP Club. Now, it's fair to say this won't be for everyone, but for some people it'll be interesting, such is the way of the world.

The VIP Club is a monthly subscription through Zynga, for $19.99.

For that you'll gain a few perks, a VIP badge, a permanent hurry up meaning your avatar does everything four times faster, treble XP, and a raise of the level cap to 250.

Signing up is simple, there's an icon in the game...

...from there you'll be taken to where you'll sign up.

It's a monthly contract that you can also quit at any time, Just go to your VIP area, and sign off.

Couple things to note if you do cancel, you'll still pay the full month left, and you'll lose all extras, including going back to level 200.