Thursday 28 June 2012

Freedom and Fireworks

It's Independence Day on the Homestead and we all know what that means, Fireworks!

Frontier Sam is back again with more of his things that go bang, whizz, fizz and boom for you to craft and celebrate the red, white and blue of Independence Day.

This time he wants something even more special that previous years, a massive fireworks show in a specially build Fireworks Amphitheatre with the biggest and best fireworks around... if he can keep the animals out...

It all starts off with the familiar popup.

That'll kick off a three mission thread (all details HERE) and a three stage building, the Amphitheatre (all details HERE)

The Amphitheatre will be the focus of one requirement per mission and a crafting area.

During the missions we'll craft a number of fireworks, all of which have the same base, Rocket Powder. This comes from setting off the fireworks themselves and from a new crop, Sparkling Roses. This is a free gift, a mission reward and a HS purchase. Other mission items also drop from them.

They'll also drop part of the crafting needs for the Crazier Cake, originally seen in the Anniversary Missions, which becomes a craftable during this mission!

And finally, the collection, which rewards a Firework Feeder, basically an Animal Harvest Boost that feeds everything on your homestead.

So light the blue touch paper and stand well back...