Monday 2 July 2012

Are you Shearin' That Sheep?

Sure, grab some clippers and join in!

Growin Super crops? Pshaw.

Making big fat Prize Pigs? Child's Play.

The makings of a real Pioneersman is the ability to get a really, REALLY fluffy sheep! Well, along with some help from a neighbour...

So oil up your clippers, get your brush handy and prepare to style up some sheep with a neighbour to be the best in the whole Frontier! Then Trader Bert and his brother Trader Bart can sell that wool across the whole Frontier!

As usual, we'll see the traditional popup to begin.

That'll kick off the series of missions including a wrapper mission (All details HERE). along with the new Shearing Salon building, a three stage build (All building crafting details HERE).

Obviously to grow sheep, you NEED sheep and this is where the new animals come into play. We'll be seeing 6 new "colours" of sheep to buy, White, Swirly, Plaid, Fierce, Sugary and Rainbow.

The first three are coin purchases and will unlock as the missions go on and the final three are Horseshoe purchases. You'll see they're specifically rated for fluffyness and will get better as they get more expensive.

So, how will the shearing go? Well, it's another interactive feature just like the Prize Pigs. You buy your sheep, team up with a neighbour and shampoo it with some extra special fluff making shampoo, as you do you'll see it get more and more fleecy until it's just a big ball of fleece with a head and legs!

Shampoo is made with 2 Sweet Leaves (drop from Lemon Mint and occasionally Fluffy Sheep and White Roses) and 3 Softness Soap (Requested)

Once that's done after 7 days you can clip your sheep, getting one of four different designs per sheep and seeing you you can get an award winning sheep! Any sheep with over 100lbs of wool earns a silver star!

As with the pigs you can also see all your sheep inside the Shearing Shed, with the Sheep Manager and Legacy Sheep sections, and will get them as tendable animals (We think these might become storable soon if they're not already)

We'll see a new free gift, Lemon Mint...

And of course, the obligatory collections!

So let's get shearin!