Monday 9 July 2012

Exploring the Past

We may have the Library to take our kids through history in words, but sometimes books just aren't the same as getting your hands on some REAL history... and for that we need a Museum!

So it's time to get our hands dirty, building a Museum, starting up a dig site and taking a look back into history. There's even the chance we'll be able to craft up some items for ourselves...

It'll start with the normal popup.

That then kicks off a four mission thread (For all details, click HERE) and two buildings, a Archaeological Dig site, and your Museum, the Dig is a single placement, the Museum a four stage build (for all details, click HERE).

The dig will be used to find artefacts that we'll be using during the missions (and after, but more on that later) and the museum will grow.

As it grows new items will be available to craft, including Jackalopes...

AND, more interestingly, Skulls and Rocks! Yes, we'll soon be able to craft our own rock and skull debris with items that will drop from the dig site and, of course, a bit of glue to stick the bits together!

There's also a plethora of new stuff, including one free gift "crop"...

...That's also in the market with the buildings (The Dig Site is free as you can see)...

...and also THREE new collections!

Of course, the biggest surprise might still be to come... because a new popup is also promising a third historical building in the works!