Thursday 5 July 2012

Wheely Exciting

So, what do you do if your kid is scared of the big Ferris Wheel at the County Fair?

Well, you get Hank to build you a kiddie sized version for them to try first! (Because, ya know, something built by Hank is less scary than Fairground professionals...)

And there we have, in a nutshell the next item to drop onto our homestead, as we try to stop our kids fears with a specially built fairground ride and get them ready to ride the big one at the County Fair.

It all starts, as usual, with a popup.

That will start the five mission thread (all details HERE) and the Wheel build (all details HERE).

It's then a fairly simple setup, we slowly build the Wheel while doing the missions, which do contain a pleasing amount of stuff to do on our own homesteads.

We'll see a new crop, specially for all the Popeye's among us, in free gifts...

Which is also in the market, alongside a brand new animal.

We'll also see some interactive mission rewards of bouncy toys your children can ride...

And finally, the obligatory collection, this one giving a prize of a Floppy Fair Hare and some cash, as befits a carnival game.

So get your working overalls on and help Hank get his ride off the ground...