Monday 30 July 2012

Get Some Big Bullocks

Brother Jasper has drained Prospect Falls dry, but now comes something of a new problem... That's how to get all that precious gold back home.

The answer seems obvious, carts pulled by some big burly bulls, and I think we all know who's job it's going to be to get those bulls up to power...

Yes folks, it's time to grow some pigs sheep bulls!

I think we'll all be familiar with the general setup now, the popup will start off a series of four missions and a wrapper mission (all details HERE) and start the building of the Fitness Fort, a three stage build (all building details HERE).

There's the standard range of Bulls to choose from, three coin purchases that unlock as you go through missions and three Horseshoe Bulls.

They'll be fed by using Muscle Mix, made with 2 Thistle Fibers that will drop from a new crop, the Bull Thistle, and 3 Beef Cakes, a request item.

We'll also have a familiar Bull Manager...

...and final screen where we weigh the amount of gold each Burly Bull can drag in his cart, the more weight, the better the reward.

Oh, and good news, they're programmed from day one to store in the Pen!

We will see one brand new feature though, Bulls With Friends!

This will promote helping your neighbours because the game will let you reward helpful neighbours with a Muscle Mix, and Remind neighbours who've not been so good at feeding with a Beef Cake.

We'll see one brand new crop in the market and on free gifts that will be needed for the missions and a return of an old premium animal, the Red Deer as a Free Gift.

Finally the Collection generosity keeps on going with FOUR new collections, all with some pretty tasty (scuse the pun) rewards like Beef Jerky (+1 to max energy), a Crazy Cake and Ultimate Chilli!


So, lets get together and bag us some bullocks!