Thursday 2 August 2012

Centralise the Government

It's space saving time with a building storage building again, and this one is going to save a LOT of space!

Our Homesteaders have their eyes on streamlining their civic buildings into one handy civic centre and pack away a long list of buildings, including every building for Mae, a woman who collects buildings like others collect shoes!

So let's get our brickie hats on and clear possibly the biggest amount of space of ANY building storage building.

As usual it starts off with a popup that will prompt the five mission thread (all details HERE) and the 4 stage build of the Civic Centre (all details HERE).

This building will store an amazing TWELVE buildings... Courthouse, Pony Express, Bert’s Imports, Wishing Fountain, Clock Tower, Sheriff Station, Sheriff Academy, Jailhouse, Town Hall, Library, Museum and the Telegraph Station.

As you upgrade the building more and more will be storable inside.

As we've come to expect there'll be a collect all bonus, and the ability to go inside and do all the usual boosts and crafting we can with the buildings outside.

We'll see a lot of new items in the market...

...and one new free gift.

Plus, of course, a collection! Although not one with the kind of excellent rewards we've seen lately.

So get building, because this is one BIG space saver!