Thursday 16 August 2012

Privates From Afar

It's never nice to be far away from home when you're in the armed services and Captain Flintlock has a homesick Private from a homestead near yours that he want's your help with.

Private Grant is lonely and finding it hard to move from Frontier life to Army life, so Fanny decides to set your kids a mission, become Private Grant's Pen Pal and make him feel less lonely with stories from home!

As usual, we'll see the traditional popup.

That will kick off a five mission thread (all details HERE).

The mission doesn't have a building to place but does have a small interactive homestead decoration to place, the Mailbox. However, if this one isn't to your liking you can also use other mailboxes we've got over the years that fit into your design better, the stuffed box from the News Stand missions, the blue box from the Wishing Well missions and the Rooster Box from the News Stand badge.

There is a set of "builds", each of which is a letter from your child (all details are HERE).

There's no new free gift items (although we will need three older free gift crops, Aloe Vera, Sparkling Roses and Agave Cactus) but there are two 'new' animals received as mission rewards, the Dragon Goose which we originally saw Halloween past and Sergeant Stubby, that will be needed for missions.

There's also two new collections, one that gives a 4th of July Crate and one that gives a Fully Grown Pine!

So get writing, and cheer up Private Grant!