Monday 13 August 2012

Bigger... and Bigger... and Bigger...

Ladies, Gentlemen and Others, pray silence for The Most Anticipated Missions In The World!

Yes, it's expansion time, and we're seeing not one, not two, but THREE Expansions in the game now, two Mission related threads that add a whopping 455 new squares to your land and one new Horseshoe Expansion with another 297!

The Expansion Missions will appear in order via a popup, so unless you bought the earlier expansion you'll see the 45x45 expansion first (mission details HERE).

Then the 48x48 one (Yes, future expansions will be three squares in each direction!) (mission details HERE)

Finally once that's completed you'll see the new Premium expansion, which we'll expect to see for missions at some point.

And that's it! No new building, no new free gift crops or animals as everything we need on the homestead is already available... So what are you waiting for? Start preparing to GROW!