Thursday 23 August 2012

Between a Rock and a Furred Place

OK, there's really no delicate way to say this.

Ted, that big wild mountain man who's one with nature and the animals and is so impressing Bess?

Well, he's stuck up some rocks. It's that age-old story. Boy meets girl, boy traps animals with girl, girl saves boy from cowering on a rock from a bear...

Yes folks, we're going from cave rescue to mountain rescue as we get to help save another of the men in Bess' life, this time wildman Ted who has found his big White Grizzly, only it seems the Grizzly didn't want to be found... Chasing him up some rocks on the bottom edge of your homestead where the Country Fair was...

As usual it'll all start up with a popup showing a bricking it terrified brave Ted scurrying up some rocks to avoid the bear.

That will kick off a four mission thread plus wrapper mission (all details HERE) and a three step build (all details HERE) where Bess has to save Ted by building a trap for the Grizzly. (What with Ted and Hank's general level of talent isn't there a certain competency-deficient issue with the men on our homesteads?)

As can be expected a new set of Bess missions means a new page in her diary, although "had to rescue from bear" probably wont be the section she turns into the wedding vows.

That in turn brings a new set of repeatables and a new item to collect up, Ted's Attention, because lets face it, saving a guy from a bear? Fairly attention grabbing.

As you move up new rewards will be given, a box of cubs, a crate and a rideable Grizzly. I know what you're thinking, another rideable... but this one has a party trick. When riding the Grizzly it only takes ONE hit to clobber any varmint!

We'll see two new animals that can drop from the Owl and Wolf traps...

Along with a new free gift and HS crop, and a mission reward and HS tree...

And finally, the obligatory collection...

So what are you waiting for? Get saving!