Monday 27 August 2012

Ponies on Parade

Rescuing your boyfriend from a bear all the time is tiring, and you know what they say... All work and no play makes Bess a dull girl...

It's time for Bess to spend some time with her other passion, horses! It's time to have a Prancing Pony Parade and she wants you to help make the best ponies in the show.

As usual, it'll start with a traditional popup!

That starts off the four mission thread (all details HERE) and the three stage build (all details HERE).

From here things get... fairly recognisable if I'm honest.

We'll be teaming up with neighbours, just like the other prize animals, to make the best possible Prancing Ponies.

All the usual screens will be available, the Manager...

...the scoring screen...

...and a new area in the Show Pen to store the Ponies.

There's 6 new ponies and one new HS/Free Gift crop that'll be required for the Pony feed.

Plus two new collections, with more of the nice rewards we've been seeing.

So let's get ponying...