Monday 20 August 2012

Jack Gets Shafted

Someone call Lassie quick, Jack has fallen down a mine and can't get out!

*Sigh*, NO, we can't leave him down there... YES, we'll still get popups... NO, we can't cement over the entrance... Behave the lot of you!

It seems our friendly neighbourhood sack of grizzle and Frontier Wisdom was going a'diggin' for some gold and has got himself trapped in the mineshaft, and it's our job to get him out, as the common sight of a popup will attest to.

The popup will kick off a five mission thread (all details HERE) and a four stage build (all details HERE).

The good news is this isn't a homestead building, instead the Mine will take over the Talent Show area on the front corner of the homestead.

We'll see one new free gift/HS item, the Canary, which will be used in the missions.

And a collection, which gives the Squeezin' the Stone Boost Book!

So let's get digging, it's time to help Jack out...