Thursday 9 August 2012

Going For Gold

Yes, we knew it was going to happen, Olympic Fever has hit the Homestead... Well, in Frontier ways...

It's time to play three Frontier Games for Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies along with some powerful rewards such as Tough Hand Tonics and Cakes!

It's a general setup that will seem incredibly familiar to us all, and equally familiar is the popup that will start the whole thing off...

From there that will begin a series of four missions and one wrapper mission (all details HERE) and a three stage building (all details HERE), the Frontier Flame.

The missions introduce a new series of teamable games, Log Choppin, Rock Chippin' and Weed Pullin'. At first only Log Choppin' is available with the others unlocking as missions progress.

The big difference here is these games aren't decided by a time limit or a type of game but instead your final score will be affected by how FAST you complete all the games, with each game taking 18 goes to finish.

Each one uses a specific item, Saws, Hammers and Pulleys that you can craft for each one.

As usual we'll see a games manager that's accessed from any game sat on your homestead.

And when all the feedings are done, Fanny Hank and Bess will give us a score out of 10 that will determine your final prize!

One of the prizes each time (as with the Carnival Games) will be a collection item, and it's fair to say these are some pretty tasty rewards! The first two items in each collection will drop from playing the relevant game, the other items can be won when scoring them in, with more chance the better your score.

We'll see two new Free Gifts...

Two new Cow versions...

And three trophy decorations, given for each win and with a collectible daily bonus! (They are storable but I'd suggest not storing them until AFTER the missions are completed as you need some, just in case.)

So, time to get competitive and go for gold...