Monday 6 August 2012

Check Out Gramps' Package

Granny's got a lot to remember her beloved Gramps by (not least us) but it seems she's going to have one more thing thanks to the vagaries of the Pony Express!

It seems they take a stereotypical view of delivering parcels and has only just found a crate Gramps sent Granny a long time back, but here's the mystery... just what's in it?

That's what we're going to find out in the third of the History set of buildings after the Library and Museum!

As usual, Gramps' Package will pop up to get everything started.

That will kick off a four mission thread (all details HERE) and ask us to place Gramps' Lost Crate, a teeny tiny box with three stages and a special bonus at the end (all build details HERE).

The crate works out to be something like a Russian Doll, boxes in boxes!

When you open the crate you'll find it holds a Trunk and a brand new coin crop, the Red Onion...

Then inside that is a Safe... and inside THAT is Gramps big secret, the Lumber Tree Serum! This is a craftable boost that will grow any tree INSTANTLY to full size!

Each Lumber Tree Serum requires 8 Amaranth Herbs, 8 Golden Apple Mash (both Requested) and 4 Lychee Pits (Lychee Trees). Amaranth Extract also comes from the Gramps Collection.

You may see the Lychee, well, that comes from a brand new free gift and mission reward, the Lychee Tree.

We'll also be able to get one component of the Serum, the Amaranth Extract, from Gramps' Collection!

So get cracking open those crates so Gramps can make Granny happy one last time!