Tuesday 24 July 2012

The Games We Play

It's time to get down and get gaming with Humble Bob as he introduces you to the latest part of his big Country Fair, the games.

He wants you throwing, shooting and hooping with his Prize Tickets to walk away with the big prizes.

As usual it'll start with a popup...

This will kick off a series of missions and two wrapper missions, all details HERE. Yes, you read it right, NO buildable this time around.

We'll then place Carnival games (all free) on our homestead, there's 5 types and more open as we complete the mission thread.

To "play" those games we feed them Prize Tickets, either got for completing missions or crafted, each one takes a single Paper Roll and Carnival Stamp, both request items.

We also need to team up on the games with neighbours, and once started each game has a 4 day timer, for you to feed it as many prize tickets as you can. Once the 4 days are up your tickets will be counted and a score given, and, of course, a reward based on how high your score was.

There's NO new item we have to gift or request, but there is four brand new collections, with Game related rewards.

So warm up your gaming muscles, it's time to play...