Thursday 21 June 2012

Eyeing Up the Talent

Humble Bob has a problem and we all know what that means, WE have a problem...

His big act for the Country Fair stage has got stuck on a late train and he needs something to fill in! Thankfully we have a homestead of talented individuals ready to step up to the plate and show off what they've got...

So here comes the work, all the acts need some help getting ready in such a small time and that'll be up to us! But never fear, There's some pretty nice rewards to be had as we work through the five missions (all details HERE) and four building missions (all details HERE).

As usual we'll get a popup...

Which will start the whole thing off along with a quick chat between your homesteaders.

You'll then see the front corner area of the Homestead where we had the small Family Outing area is now holding the Talent Show stage!

There's no building on the homestead for this one, and each section is about setting up the acts, and the first and last have some interesting items associated with them.

First up is Granny's Bear Taming Set, but here's the kicker, she's missing a bear and Doc in a fur coat just doesn't cut it, so what's a gal to do? Well, build a Bear Lure of course! Of course, once Granny has caught her Bear there's no point letting the Lure go to waste... so you'll be able to place it on your homestead and use it once a day to call forth a bear!

After Amos has done his strong man act and Bess has shown us 42 things she can do with some rope, some leather and some spurs (and yet, she's still single, go figure...) it's then time to help Hank.

Hank's big show is his incredibly tough hands (Fanny's a lucky lady) but before he goes on he needs a darn good massage, and in return he'll teach you how to craft a Tough Hands Tonic!

At the end of the mission you'll be rewarded with three of these tonics, and the Tonic Maker to be able to make your own... but what do these do, I hear you say? Well, this is where it get's interesting, for 15 minutes you'll get yourself a funky red glow and... be able to move debris!

Yep, a quarter of an hour of placing grass, flowers, skulls and rocks wherever you want them! The Tonic is craftable inside the Maker, each needs 14 request items and 6 things from neighbour pines (Oh lower level neeeeeeigh-bours... here I come!)

So get helping those homesteaders show off their talents and get some top rewards back!