Thursday 7 June 2012

Storing the Seasonals

It seems Fanny isn't happy with the state of the homestead at the moment and the amount of seasonal stuff hanging around on it, and you know what that means... Hank, and us by proxy, are going to be very busy...

Yes, it's time to build another building storage building! This time it's one for all the seasonal and Holiday items still left strewn around our homestead or stuck in the shed with bonuses unclaimed.

This time we'll be building the Holiday Hall, a cheery little adobe building that'll store 12 more items we've picked up in the missions... Including the completely unstorable Tunnel of Love! (Feel free to cheer, I did).

To get there we'll need to complete a three mission thread (all details HERE) and a 4 stage building, with more being added at each stage (all details HERE).

As usual it'll work the same as previous storage buildings, with a collect all feature unlocked after mission 2 and customisation unlocked after mission 3.

Finally we'll see a few new things, one decoration with a bonus that comes as a reward, one new crate which will come from mission rewards and one new animal, the shaggy Llama, a HS animal that we'll get as rewards.

...and of course, the obligatory collection! (well, they're smoother now)

SO get building and make even more room on your homestead and have even more bonuses to collect!