Thursday 14 June 2012

She's Simply The Bess

With everyone from you to Granny to Mae all attached up on the Homestead, not to mention the eternal troublesome couple of Fanny and Hank, Bess is starting to feel a bit left out and is wondering if she'll ever find herself the perfect man.

So it's time for us to team up with Fanny, Granny and a bevy of Beefcake for Bess to try before she buys.

In game terms this means a set of 8 repeatable missions, and 3 overview missions (all details HERE) but no extra build, the missions will appear in the Barn Menu.

As with previous repeatables there'll be a "collectible" reward each time which adds up for the overview missions along with rewards for completing the first four missions, and the second four missions. The first is a decoration, the second (the Animal Zoo) is a collectible building with a possible limited edition animal in it's daily bonus!

We'll also see some new free gift crops...

...and some new animals in the market, which are also mission rewards.

So, let's play Cupid and get Bess her man...