Saturday 16 June 2012

Getting the Badge

So, now we've eother proven Birdie innocent or given you a massive spoiler to the Courthouse missions... he's wantin' to spend some quality time with Mae, which means she's not going to be able to be looking out for the law no more...

So, we know what that means, as you're not really doing much at the moment and have some spare time, you're being drafted in to Deputy School to learn to be the next Sheriff of the Homestead! (We're ignoring the fact there was no crime until we had a sheriff...)

It'll all kick off with the all traditional popup and a mission thread (all details HERE)

And that will then lead to the even more traditional "build a building for Mae" (seriously, the woman needs a town to herself), this time a Sheriff Academy so you can learn to fight crime! (Or at least have a piece of paper to say you can.) It's a four stage build, all details are HERE.

Once done you'l work your way through a series of little homestead crimes until you can be made the Sheriff!

Finally there's a collection to be had from the Academy...

So get yer badge on and keep your eye out for meaningless crimes, because without a sheriff where would the homestead be, (more carefree?) and now YOU'RE that Sheriff.