Monday 25 June 2012

Booking a Boost

The frontier's a good place for learning and it's time to help things along by build yourselves a library that'll help your kid learn their history and let you read and write some books that makes you better at your homesteading tasks!

It all kicks off when your child finds an old pic of you on your very first day on the homestead!

They want to learn more about history so are soon pushing you to build your very own library so they can read more about the Frontier.

The Library is a four stage building (all details HERE) that comes with a five mission thread (all details HERE).

As we build the library we'll be given the chance to craft special books which will all act as a boost for certain homestead actions.

Crafting them (all details HERE) gives a boost of 15 minutes double rewards from trees, animals, debris or crops, depending which book you craft!

Plus, of course, the obligatory collection, which will give away items that can be used to craft the final book, which gives the double crop rewards.

So lets get building and reading!