Friday 25 May 2012

How Much Is That Piggy In The Windows(tm)

I'll tell you this for nothing, no Country fair is right and proper without a Prize Pig contest!

The biggest porkers, the fattest snouts, the roundest bellies, these are the kings of the pig world, and now it's your time to step up to the trough and get yourself a blue rosette by growin a massive Prize Pig with a belly like a beer barrel and an appetite like a starved wolverine!

But, I hear you cry, how dya make yourself a Prize Pig?! Well, that there is easy! It's all told to ya in four missions (all details HERE) and a building.

First up you'll be building yourself a Pig Pavillion, where you'll show of your Porcine Prince to all and sundry and, most important of all, find out just how big yer bacon is!

The Pavillion has three build stages and finishes up all fine and dandy ready for weighing. (All crafting details are HERE.)

Next, it's time to team up! That's right, team up! Ain't no good trying to make a prize pig on yer own, you need teamwork, not least to feed the humongous hammy.

First, y'all need to buy your pig, some are HS, some are unlocked as the missions go on...

Every pig get's two "parents" and appears on both their homesteads! Every time they feed it Hog Chow (more on that later) it grows on BOTH! Meaning you both get the rewards for finishing it off!

They're fed special Hog Chow, made from Ground Corndogs and Sugary Shortening, the first that drops from Corndog crops and sometimes Corn, the second y'all get from friends...

There are inventory limits, 30 Hog Chow, 50 Sugary Shortener and 80 Ground Corndogs

There's five stages to each pig that happen after a certain times o' feedin'.

2 tends - 5 tends - 10 tends - 15 tends, that's each stage so in all, 32 tends, and y'all got a week to feed em up to full size!

Once that week is up, or when they've been fed 32 times, it's time to weigh them! Their weight is determined by how much Chow they've been fed on and determines just how much prize y'all go home with. Anything over 300 pounds is a blue ribbon!

AND, once that's all weighed and done, the Pig becomes a standard animal on your stead and fed in the normal way! Oh, and drops items for the new Prize Pig Collection, that has Hog Chow as a reward!

So get your Hog On and start growing a Prize Porker, and you'll be taking home some great prizes and the title of  Prince/Princess of Pigs! (delete as applicable)