Thursday 10 May 2012

Playing Fair

Humble Bob's got a great idea for your homestead, a Country Fair with contests, games and a carnival air!

He's going to get the fair set up with your help and a hand from some other homestead residents so everyone can take a break from taming the wild frontier and let their hair down.

It'll all start with the now traditional popup.

That will kick off a four mission thread (all details HERE) and we'll see a change to the bottom right hand corner where the nursery and playground is...

Don't worry, if you still need to complete the nursery and playground missions you will be able to.

As you work through the missions you'll slowly turn the area from bare grass to a thriving fairground... (see all crafting details HERE)

We'll see a few new items, one bonus giving decoration that gives us a daily boost for dunking Trader Bert...

...two new crops and one new animal...

The crops will be on the free gifts page as well...

And the animal, (and isn't it cute!) will be a mission reward.

So get the big top up, the pigs fed and the pies cooked!