Wednesday 30 May 2012

Get The Biggest Clock Around

They've been teasing us with it since day one of the Town Hall and finally the next step in helping Marco and Polo put us on the map is here, the Clock Tower!

Every map-worthy town has moved on from sundials and guesswork and show off their technical timekeeping by popping up a huge clock for all to see. So that's what we're going to be working on next, with an immense reward at the end of it...

So, as usual Marco and Polo will pop up and start the whole thing off...

That'll start a four mission thread (all details HERE) and put down the base for the Clock Tower.

The Tower itself is a small footprint building with three stages (all building details HERE).

Now here comes the great part. Just as the Town Hall brought us the Daily Doubler, the Clock Tower brings us the Fast Forward Boost!

This instantly takes time off EVERY animal, fruit tree and crop, yes every CROP on your homestead!

Each stage gives a different level of boost. Completing stage one gives a 25% reduction, Stage two, 40% and stage three gives a whopping 60% reduction in time to all animals, fruit trees and crops on your stead.

To give a practical example by our calculations that would mean taking 14 hours off a Steel Forge crop, add in the Irrigation Station and all of a sudden a Steel forge takes about 5 hours to grow!

The boost is just like the Daily Doubler, it will regenerate by itself in 5 days.

The Clock Tower also has it's own collection... (PLEASE NOTE: This is a preproduction image, the reward is 5 speedy hands boosts and 300XP)

We'll see three new items on the free gift page, all of which are needed for the missions and all of which are also given as mission rewards.

First up is a simple animal, the Raccoon.

Next is a new fruit tree, the Great Madrone. This has its up side of giving 640XP on harvest, but the downside that they take 10 days to be ready, you can only have 20 at a time.

They do come with a nice collection however...

And finally, Brass Forges... which are pretty self explanatory, you know the Steel Forges that give steel? Well... there we go.

So, get yourself ready with some new blueprints, because this new boost could make a big difference...