Monday 15 October 2012

Read Bread Redemption

Jail isn't just about incarceration, it's about redemption, and it's time to find some good in our most recent criminals!

The Gratchetts have served their time in prison and now they need to find something to occupy their minds and naughty little hands...

So it's up to you to find out what our neighbourhood naughties are good at and see if they've got skills to switch to an honest living.

The missions will be split into four small mission threads, one for each redeeming job.

On Monday we'll receive Bo and Runt....

Then Tuesday we'll get the Sissy Gratchett thread...

And then Wednesday is time for the ultimate Femme Not-Fatale (it's a family game...) Amy Steele, along with a nice easy wrapper.

We've got all missions HERE or you can find them by thread as well... BO, RUNT, SISSY and AMY.

Completing all the missions gives you the Gratchett's Treasure Trove! A cash filled chest of goodies with a daily bonus.

We'll see one new item on the Free Gift page...

...and in the market, along with a new animal.

We'll also see a new collection!

So lets see if we can save those Gratchetts from a life of crime...