Thursday 4 October 2012

There Aint No Party...

...Like a Halloween Party!

It's time to get spooky on the homestead as we prepare for the Frontierville Halloween Party 2012!

We're going to see special Halloween designs, new trees and animals... and some more ghostly varmints to clobber or smack with that Ghost Cannon!

So, who we gonna call? A popup!

The first thing you'll see is there's been some changes on the homestead, including your Cabin and Ponderosa Lodge that have had a special makeover for the season...

We'll also see a lot of new ghostly creatures, some varmints...

...some ghost versions of farm animals we'll receive as a mission reward...

...and one new injured animal, the trapped ghostly horse! (It's non-rideable and storable, as are the cows and sheep.)

And, if we feel like making OURSELVES ghostly, we can do that too...

Of course, there's some new freebies too, one crop and one ghostly tree! (again, the tree is set up to store.)

So, onto the party itself, how are we going to throw it? Well, we're going to see a set of 8 daily missions and a pair of wrappers (all details HERE), accessible from the newly spooky Cabin and Ponderosa Lodge. Each mission will get you one step closer to the big party!

As usual we'll also be seeing a sweepstakes, with Goodie Bags as your tickets to entry.

So let's get party planning!