Monday 22 October 2012

Mummy Means Business

It's been a year since we discovered Ghost Town and now an old enemy is back to try and cause us trouble like a bad penny...

There's a lot of things that's great to receive through the post, love letters, birthday presents, paychecks... but I think most people would consider a grumpy Mummy with a curse fetish to be in the "rather not column.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what we have to deal with!

As usual it all starts with a popup, containing something of a spoiler to who the mystery sender might be.

This kicks off a series of five missions (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE).

It'll also lead to a new NPC, and boy is he grumpy...

...and not much of a conversationalist.

He's also got a nasty habit of creating cursed animals on you homestead that need healing with special anti-curse charms.

The cursed pig takes 6 charms...

...and the cursed sheep take 12.

We'll also see Mummy Trees that are a market purchase or mission reward and these take Mummy Wrap to grow.

Along with the tree there's a new Free Gift and market crop that will be used during the missions.

Of course, we also see a brand new collection! (Which has been added to our Sortable Collections page)

So let's do our best to get that Mummy back in his box and back to sender!