Monday 19 November 2012

Going Fourth and Long

Living in a Frontier Town isn't all work and no play, and the homesteaders like to get their game on as much as anyone else.

They've all been hearing about a brand new game sweeping the country, called Pigskin, and everyone (even Granny) want's to give it a go.

But can you get the team prepared well enough to beat the big burly Mountain Men, Pigskin champions? It's time to find out.

As usual things start with a popup...

That kicks off a five mission thread with one repeatable wrapper (all details HERE) and prompts you to place the pigskin park... a four step buildable that continues the storyline along (all details HERE).

Also, as the build goes on we'll be using a new type of injured animal, available in the market, the Cheerleader Sheep! (I find it's best not to think too deeply about putting a sheep in a cheerleader outfit, I think a psychiatrist would have a field day).

These down in the dumps ovines need a little happiness in their lives, which for them is being given their own pompoms to wave!

The pompoms are requested or can be bought in the market.

We'll also see two new free gifts, Turf and Grapefruit trees.

Again, they're also in the market.

So, helmets and pads on, and get set for kickoff!