Thursday 1 November 2012

Patching for Pleasure

Yes, as we heard yesterday it's time to start quilting with Fanny!

She wants to make up some winter warming for the twins but just some general store bought blanket isn't good enough for our Fanny, so instead we'll be working alongside her to improve our quilting skills and get those pretty patches into something unique and artistic.

As usual we'll see a popup.

That will kick off four missions and a wrapper (all details HERE) and a four step build (all details HERE)

The Station itself obviously comes with it's own menu.

Obviously the Quilting Station menu takes you to the main aspect of the feature, taking you to the Quiltmaking menu. This in itself is something totally new so we've created a step by step guide on how to use this HERE.

In a quick summary, we'll be able to make a 16 patch quilt with a variety of 16 different patches, although you won't have to use them all, in fact you can create a quilt totally of one colour.

The advantage of using different colours and designs however is that all of them have their own reward that can drop (We have a guide to crafting all the patches and their rewards HERE).

Here's a quick example of collecting from one quilt...

Once the Quilt is completed and sewn up it can't be changed but, as you saw above, there's also Quilt Storage, letting us make up to 250 quilts!

For more in depth guides, check out the linked guides before or use our umbrealla link for all three of our guide posts HERE.

Along with the quilting we'll see some new stuff, including these tendable and ludicrously cute sleeping animals!

We'll see a brand new crop, Silk...

...and, of course, a new collection that will drop from Silk, Sleeping Animals and Quilt bonuses.

So let's get patching :D