Friday 4 January 2013

Around the World in 80 Missions...

[Please note, there AREN'T 80 missions...]

Ever since his underground adventure, along with his high speed travel through riches and fame then bankruptcy and auctioning, Jack's been feeling a bit antsy and twitchy, so he's decided to take what money he has left from his auction sales and go on the trip of a lifetime!

Little did we know his experiments with flying animals were with an eye on making his own flying machine but here we are, waking up to find Jack in a big hot air balloon about to float off around the big bad world!

First thing we hear about it is with a popup...

That will kick off 5 missions, a wrapper (all details for all 6 HERE) and, well, not a build but a build-type setup (all details HERE).

First up is the Pigeon Loft, a click to place building that will let us keep track of the old codgers travel and swap letters with him.

Once that is placed we can see the map of Jack's little jaunt (the areas will open as you complete the missions, this is the final image to show you all the places.

And we can also start helping him because, as it's Jack, he finds himself in trouble everywhere he goes and will need our help (go figure...)

Each location will have some kind of issue we've got to deal with by doing a "build".

One sec... *Puts on helmet and body armour*

We'll also have a wrapper mission which will surround a new injured animal that Jack is sending back from China, Dragons! *Ducks flying vase*

Yes, Jack will send us some whelps to adopt...

...which then need feeding with 12 Meaty Morsels (A wall post item, not a crafted item)...

...and will become one of three different cute dragon types!

As well as the Whelps in the market we'll also see another new animal (which doubles as a mission reward) and the new free gift/market crop.

Oh, and a new collection!

So, let's help Jack with his hot air... (shouldn't be tricky...)