Friday 28 December 2012

Lose Weight On The Pole!

With Fanny back at work at the school making sure our kids are taught well and Hank managing to foist all his enthusiastic building projects on us... (Does Fanny know when he says "I can do that!" it's us doing the work or does he get all the benefits?) Hanks been somewhat sedentary since the twins were born, spending his time sat at home babysitting.

Because of that his Winter walks with Fanny have left him feeling tired before he's even got over the first hill with her, and he knows he needs to get toned up!

So for that he's going to... Oh, who am I kidding? WE'RE going to build him a climbing wall!

As usual, it's popup time!

This will open up a series of four missions and a weirdly disconnected wrapper (all details HERE) and a four stage build, the climbing Wall (all details HERE).

Once the climbing wall is built it's time to get a much fitter, healthier Hank and you know what that means? He'll actually do some WORK!

Yes, once the climbing wall is fully completed you can hire Hank to work like a building boost!

As I mentioned earlier, as well as the climbing wall there's also a strange "wrapper", strange in the fact it's not really got anything to do with the other mission thread...

We'll be healing a new kind of injured animal from the marketplace, eggs that turn into birds of prey...

Each needs Incubation Blankets, which are made from down feathers that drop from Geese and Cloth Comforters that are a wall post item.

As well as the eggs we'll see a few new things in the market, two new crops and a tree that are free gifts...

...and two animals that are a mission reward.

Of course we'll also see a collection that drops from those items.

So, lets help Hank get himself fit for Fanny!