Monday 17 December 2012

Playing Santa!

This Christmas there's trouble on the frontier!

Santa has lost a bundle of letters from some of the nicest children on the homestead and needs you to help check what they need and use your new toy factory to build their pressies!

As usual things begin with a popup...

From there we'll see the start of a five mission thread (all details HERE) and a four step build, the Toy Factory (all details HERE).

That will let us build the presents a bunch of children on the homestead won't get to have since their letters to Santa went missing!

As well as building toys we'll also be fixing them up with some new cuddly injured "animals" that are healed with workshop magic.

We'll see two new items, a free gift/Premium purchase crop...

... And a mission reward/Premium purchase tree.

So, it's time to do our bit to save Christmas for five special kids!