Thursday 13 December 2012

Cover Your Glass

It's been nasty weather on the ol' Frontier and it's taken the toll on some of your buildings!

Storms have battered your greenhouse and damaged many of the glass panes that keep your crops safe and warm, so it's time to do something about it.

Of course, you could just whack up some plain glass again, but we all know what Fanny is like, when she spots a chance for some homestead beautification she grabs it with both hands, so we'll be making something a little prettier than just standard glass.

As usual, it'll start with a popup... with a slightly more film noir image than usual.

That will kick off a mission thread of four standard missions and a wrapper (all details HERE) and a build, the Glassworks, a colourful building that grows as you build (all building details HERE).

The Glassworks will allow us to create Stained Glass in a similar fashion to quilting.

We'll see the same 4x4 square as quilting and a collection of various glass panels we can craft, each one made with one coloured ingredient from a homestead drop and a universal request item, Perfect Glass.

This is one of the panels for an example, and you can see ALL the panels and info in our Panels guide HERE.

Just as with Quilting we'll create individual windows with our own choice of panels and then temper them to get the rewards, with each different panel giving different rewards.

And then, when it's done, our Greenhouse gets a new colourful look!

We'll see a number of new items, including three crops that have previously been locked in different ways opening up to be coin crops. Two of these were mission locks, the Spring Flowers which were only opened by an old timed mission and the Golden Roses which were opened by the Prospect Falls Preparation missions.

The third is Snow Crystals! Yes, the previously premium crop will now be opened up for everyone for free.

We'll see two new free gift crops, Glass Roses and Glass Forges... (You'll be pleased to know Glass Forges are only 1 hour crops!)

Which will also be in the market along with some new items which will also be mission rewards!

Including three Festive Glass Panels!

Of course we'll also see a collection that drops from Tempering Stained Glass... (See what drops what HERE)

So, time to get those dyes out and craft!