Thursday 20 December 2012

Frosty the Cowboy

It's Winterfest time!

Yes, it's that time of year when the Frontier folks celebrate the snow and ice around the homestead, and is there a better way of doing that than building a snowman?

At the heart of the Winterfest celebration is the Snowman contest to decide who wins the Winterfest Crystal Crown, judged this year by none other than Fanny herself.

As usual, a popup will herald it's arrival...

That will kick off a four mission thread with a wrapper (all details HERE) and a three (yes three) step build (all details HERE), the Snow Slide!

This building will contain the mechanics for building your snowmen, starting with buying a snowman to begin, there are four different types, two for coins, two for horseshoes...

Those are then fed 34 times by yourself, or combined with a partner, with Sculpting Snow, a new craftable item made from 2 Ice Blocks (drops from Snow Piles and the new Frozen Pump crop) and 3 Farrier Rasps (Wall Request).

Once they're completed they'll be judged, and anything over 100 points gives you a gold ribbon!

It'll also turn the built snowman into one of a handful of different designs for each type...

We'll see the usual two screens to help us organise, the Snowman Manager...

...and the Show Pen, which will store Snowmen when you complete the missions.

For those folks who like a bit of colour in their windows there are four new stained glass panels.

We'll see one new free gift crop, the aforementioned Frozen Pumps...

...and a brand new collection that gives them!

So let's get sculpting!